Ökonomisches Weltsystem - Postkapitalistische Perspektiven

(Deutschlandfunk) Zum ersten Mal in der Geschichte der Menschheit leben wir in einem echten Weltsystem: dem Kapitalismus. Er ist dabei, sich zu Tode zu siegen. Der Ausstieg aus der heißlaufenden Maschine Kapitalismus stellt eine gewaltige Herausforderung dar. Auf der Suche nach gesellschaftlichen Alternativen kommen wir um die Frage nach dem Gemeineigentum nicht herum.

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Wealth Inequality ‘Crisis’ As Richest 1 Percent Account For Half The World’s Wealth

(ICIJ) Global inequality has worsened since the millennium, with a new report finding the richest 1 percent account for half of the world’s wealth.The world’s top 1 percent held 45.5 percent of all household wealth in 2000. Now, they hold 50.1 percent, according to Credit Suisse’s annual Global Wealth Report. The report highlights that Ultra High Net Worth Individuals (UHNWIs) – people who are worth more than $50 million – as being the driving force behind the gap. This group of wealth holders has grown five-fold since 2000.

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A lesson from Hurricane Irma: capitalism can’t save the planet – it can only destroy it

(George Monbiot - Theguardian) The perpetual quest for growth drives our economics. That’s why our environment and financial system lurch from crisis to crisis. --- There was “a flaw” in the theory: this is the famous admission by Alan Greenspan, the former chair of the Federal Reserve, to a congressional inquiry into the 2008 financial crisis. His belief that the self-interest of the lending institutions would lead automatically to the correction of financial markets had proved wrong. Now, in the midst of the environmental crisis, we await a similar admission. We may be waiting some time.

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